CryptTalk milestones

CryptTalk PRO launched for businesses users.
By the first of May, 500 users are relying on our mobile call encryption solution.

CryptTalk voted "Startup of the Year" in Hungary.
(Central European Startup Awards)

The founders of our company - Szabolcs Kun and Attila Megyeri - win the "Founder of the Year" prize.

CryptTalk was also awarded 3 grand prizes at Google Grund:

"Most innovative solution" - Hungarian Innovation Techshow
Fintech Startup of the Year
Developer Heroes of Central Europe

Arenim Technologies named one of the 40 most promising mobile technology companies in the world by CTIA (The Wireless Association).

"33 US, 5 UK, 1 Malaysian and Arenim Technologies
from Budapest / Stockholm..."

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone, commended the achievements and developments of the Hungarian founders at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas.

CryptTalk awarded the "most innovative IT security solution" prize at the National Day of IT Security.

CryptTalk featured on the cover page of the Hungarian edition of Computer World.

CryptTalk released for individual uses.

Within a few days CryptTalk becomes the most popular business application in Hungary.

We start 2015 with 2000 users.

CryptTalk appears on

"The Swedish company, Arenim Technologies, designed CryptTalk to foil hackers even if they have access to the system plans or the source code. CryptTalk features best practice security tech, and offers perfect forward secrecy and protection from man-in-the-middle attacks."

CryptTalk available in 4 languages, including Mandarin.

NCC, one of the best known, independent IT-security audit companies, reviews CryptTalk and tests it for security vulnerabilities. CryptTalk found to be secure, sound and - from the professional point of view - outstanding.

CryptTalk on, cited among the most outstanding startups in Hungary.

Several established international companies are among our customers:

First customers from Bhutan, Honduras and the Bermuda Triangle. :)

"But, aside from the marketing spiel, how good is CryptTalk?"

Asked for comment by POLITICO, Paul Rausch, founder of Greenwire, a U.S.-based IT consultancy, cautioned that "all systems have insecurities," but said that while "most commercial grade systems provide only a veneer of security" in order to meet the legal compliance needs, the CryptTalk team "appears to be actively taking many steps to try and address [these insecurities]." Indeed, few companies do not have back doors, CryptTalk thus only has two or three competitors in the very secure segment.

CryptTalk users can biometrically identify themselves with their fingerprint to open the app - a world-wide "First".

During 2015 the number of CryptTalk users (quadrupled and ) reached 8000.

CryptTalk has been expanded with more than 100 innovations and functions.

During late-night developer sessions we drunk almost 3000 capsules of coffee and consumed more than 1100 pizzas.

More than 5000 customer questions have been answered by our help desk.

We wrote and maintain over 1.5 million lines of code.

CryptTalk is used in more than 30 countries worldwide.