Technical Requirements

Platform and operating systems

CryptTalk is a security application usable on iOS based devices.

Supported iOS platforms:

  • iPhone 5 or newer device with iOS 8.0 or higher version
  • iPad 2 or newer device with iOS 8.0 or higher version

It is recommended to use the highest available version of the devices and their operation systems.

WARNING: For security reasons the CryptTalk Service Provider does not support operation on rooted or jailbroken mobile devices. Operation of the CryptTalk application on rooted or jailbroken devices relieves the Service Provider from all undertakings, obligations and liability under the Service Agreement - the use of rooted or jailbroken devices can lead to serious security risks which should not be taken by users of the CryptTalk service.

Technical Requirements

Network requirements

CryptTalk has been thoroughly tested in various network configurations. The CryptTalk service can be used on any Wi-Fi or 3G, 4G, LTE and Satellite network reaching the minimum technical requirements defined below.

Technical requirements pertaining to endpoints of the CryptTalk Services and internet connection used at the endpoint:

Technical requirements pertaining to the internet connection used at the endpoint necessary to guarantee the maximum quality of the Services:

For further technical details please contact our support team: