CryptTalk PRO offers maximum mobile call
and messaging security for any size business

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Cloud-based service

Flexible subscriptions
Rapid implementation

Our cloud-based solution gives you immediate access to CryptTalk PRO. Whatever the size of your company or complexity of its organization, CryptTalk PRO's full range of secure calling and messaging features are available to your staff within minutes. CryptTalk PRO is fast and easy to configure. No special training needed.

Unlimited secure calls and messages

Over mobile internet or Wi-Fi

For a flat rate

Without an up-front investment


Easy deployment
and operation
customer support
subscription plans

Take advantage of our annual business subscriptions with generous volume discounts.

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Hosted Service in isolated private cloud

Private cloud

If your security policy or company strategy requires, CryptTalk PRO can also be deployed as an isolated system hosted in a private cloud.

The server environment of our isolated private cloud service is protected and monitored 24/7, guaranteeing the highest availability. We operate several server clusters using reliable, professional data centers in safe locations.

Professional administration interface
and user management

CryptTalk PRO's isolated private cloud solution comes with a comprehensive User Administration Interface, which allows secure-yet-easy user management. Collaboration between organizations can also be centrally administered and managed by defining access and visibility rules and credentials.

All user management procedures can be made compliant even with the strictest internal company policies.


Independent environment
Professional admin interface
Extended customer support
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On-site deployment

Implement your own secure CryptTalk PRO system
with full control over all of its components

An on-site deployed CryptTalk PRO service is always maintained by the customer's IT staff, and only they have access to the system's components and its administrative tools. CryptTalk PRO's developers have no access.

Advantages of on-site deployment

No vendor access

Arenim Technologies cannot access any operational information (e.g., list of users, e-mail addresses). The service cannot be remotely monitored or deactivated.

Highly secure

Reachable only internally.
All admin actions are recorded
to an audit log.
Credential management system with multiple admin and user levels.

Full control

Organization, Group and User management. Configuration and update management (forced and recommended settings and updates) with MDM Support.

System customization

Your client application and server backend can be customized to fit your particular needs.
In case of any special demand, please contact us.

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White labelling with customization and integration

Run your own branded secure communication service
The CryptTalk PRO service is available for white labelling, including customization of the client application (e.g. using your own logo and corporate identity). We can provide flexible service plans, full service integration (including provisioning, billing and settlement systems), 24/7 second and third-tier technical support.
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Service alternatives

Individual subscriptions (CryptTalk) CryptTalk PRO Business solutions
Cloud Private cloud On-site
Flatrate secure callingavailableavailableavailableavailable
Unlimited secure messagesavailableavailableavailableavailable
Secure conference callingavailableavailableavailableavailable
Full feature client applicationavailableavailableavailableavailable
E-mail supportavailableavailableavailableavailable
Phone supportunavailableavailableavailableavailable
Volume discountunavailableavailableavailableavailable
Unlimited number of contactsunavailableavailableavailableavailable
Mobile Device Management (MDM) supportunavailableavailableavailableavailable
Extended Support with priorityunavailableunavailableavailableavailable
Isolated systemunavailableunavailableavailableavailable
Admin interfaceunavailableunavailableavailableavailable
Remote application managementunavailableunavailableavailableavailable
Full access to all administrative featuresunavailableunavailableavailableavailable
In-house management and serviceunavailableunavailableunavailableavailable
No vendor access to user dataunavailableunavailableunavailableavailable
Customization servicesunavailableunavailableunavailableavailable
White labellingunavailableunavailableunavailableavailable
Source code available for review and escrowunavailableunavailableunavailableavailable
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